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Please Read our Terms & Conditions Carefully:


Bidder Number and User Registration Information: In order to participate in our online auctions and be eligible to purchase merchandise you must register for a bidder number. Our platform will prompt you to provide current, accurate and actual information that will make up your “bidder profile”.


You will be prompted to create a unique password. Our system will issue you a BIDDER NUMBER. DO NOT SHARE your password or BIDDER NUMBER with anyone as you are legally responsible for all purchases made on our platform using your unique BIDDER NUMBER and PASSWORD.


Unauthorized use of your bidder number and password are prohibited. IF YOUR BIDDER NUMBER is LOST or COMPROMISED it is your responsibility to contact us immediately to notify us of unauthorized use of your account.


By registering to bid you acknowledge: 1. that all registration information that you have provided is true and accurate 2. You are at least 18 years of age or older and have the legal capacity to participate in our online auctions and legally binding sales.


Our Contact information: For all registration issues, customer service or product questions please phone:


740-248-6246 or contact us by e-mail at


Email and/or telephone notification: By registering to bid you consent to BGR Auctions LLC and its affiliates contact you regarding: 1. Registration 2. Notification of purchases 3. Requests for Payment 4. Information regarding changes in auction sales dates, times or inventory or website/ platform changes. 5. Upcoming auction sales or promotions.


Sales Tax: An Ohio Sales tax may be applicable for items in warehouse locations unless you have a tax-exempt certificate on file with our company.


Merchandise is NOT permitted to leave the area of the AUCTION LOCATION and you may not TAKE POSSESSION of the AUCTION MERCHANDISE until full payment including applicable premiums, taxes and fees.


Access to our website and bidding platform: By Accessing and participating in our online auctions you signify your consent to legally binding terms & conditions between you the “bidder/customer” and BGR Auctions LLC as well as any of our seller-affiliates and will apply to all users of our website.


All terms and conditions herein are legally binding and if violated by any user for any reason BGR Auctions LLC reserves the right to seek reasonable legal relief in the appropriate proximate legal jurisdiction.


Users of agree to not alter or modify the website or tamper with the bidding platform in any manner. Users also agree that may not be used for illegal purposes or any purpose contrary to its intended purpose.


Bidding: By participating in our Online Auctions using your unique bidder number and password to “BID” is a legally binding sale between you the “BIDDER” and the “SELLER” that cannot be retracted. If your bid is accepted, you are contractually obligated to purchase the merchandise at the price stated as “YOUR BID” plus all applicable premiums, taxes and fees.


Bids can be placed by 1. Entering a “MINIMUM BID” and then by clicking the “PLACE BID” button to enter your bid. 2. Entering a “MAX BID”, that is, “Maximum Bid”. This feature allows you to enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the item (less applicable premium, taxes & fees). This feature will bid automatically for you up to the highest increment that you entered in “MAX BID”.


The “MAX BID” features automatically bids for you and you need NOT be logged in for this feature to be active.


Bidding Extended: Any bids that are received during the last 5 minutes of an item’s ending time will automatically extend that item’s ending time by 5 minutes. The automatic timer will continue to extend the item’s ending time by 5 minutes until all bidding activity has stopped.


All items for bid have their ending times displayed on the bidding platform. This is the “TIMER”. Updated ending times are displayed as well. When the “TIMER” reaches ZERO bidding will END. The “WINNING BID” bid is determined by last bid entered on the bidding platform before the TIMER reaches ZERO.


The Bidding software logs all bidding activity in “BID HISTORY” and the final bid when the TIMER runs to ZERO will determine the “WINNING BIDDER”. An invoice will be generated and e-mailed to the registered bidder.


When you enter a bid on our platform you will be given an opportunity to review that bid amount and be asked to confirm that bid prior to your bid being entered and recorded. You will need hit the “PLACE BID” button again for your bid to be submitted. If you make a mistake prior to the auction’s bidding is scheduled to end you may submit a request to have your bidding error corrected at the discretion of BGR Auctions LLC.


You will need to submit your bid error request immediately via phone, text or e-mail. It is the sole responsibility of the bidder to submit bid correction requests immediately. BIDS will stand and count as “ENTERED” for bids requests for correction that have NOT been 1. received by BGR Auctions LLC 2. answered and confirmed by BGR Auctions LLC OR bid errors that OCCUR DURING THE LAST 12 HOURS OF AN AUCTION”S SCHEDULED ENDING TIME.


Previews: Previews are available by appointment and may be scheduled by contacting our customer service via phone, text or e-mail. Preview times may be listed in conjunction with currently active auctions sales. Please check individual auction sale listings for details.


Item condition categories are either: 1). NEW: items with no obvious or visible signs of previous use and in pristine condition. May include or exclude original packaging. 2). Used condition: merchandise that has evidence of prior use, blemishes, wear, damage or incomplete or missing parts.


BGR Auctions LLC does not guarantee the working function of any electronic or mechanical device.


Warranty & Condition of Items Sold: All items are sold as is where is and ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No warranty expressed or implied. Dimensions listed, described or displayed in photographs in any auction sale may be approximate.


BGR Auctions LLC and their affiliates make reasonable efforts to photograph and describe items for auction including any conspicuous flaws, positive or negative attributes or distinctive features.


Restriction or Termination of Bidding Access: At its sole discretion BGR AUCTIONS LLC reserves the right at any time or any reason and without notice RESTRICT or TERMINATE bidding your privileges if it is determined or suspected these Terms & Conditions are breached.


If your termination is determined to be a breach of these Terms & Conditions or breach of law. BGR Auctions LLC reserves the right to pursue any legal remedy available related to such breach. If it is determined that these Terms & Conditions are breached BGR Auctions LLC reserves the right to cancel all existing current bids and may withhold any merchandise still in its possession.


Changes in Auction Sale Dates, Times, Merchandise Pick-Up and Available Inventory: BGR Auctions LLC may at any time for any reason: 1). Alter ending dates and times of auction sale listings and previews as well as dates & times of scheduled pick-ups. 2). Add or remove inventory as necessary based on availability 3). Cancel, delay, change or reschedule individual items for sale 4). Make any changes as necessary to items displayed on our website and bidding platform as necessary.


By bidding on you are agreeing to pay a 10% buyer’s premium and all applicable fees and taxes related to your purchase.


Payment may be made: 1. In person 2. By Phone 3. Via e-mail invoice


Accepted Forms of Payment: Cash and Credit Cards. Applicable State Local Sales Tax will be collected. You may pay in-person at our merchandise pick-ups, and we may send you an invoice request for payment via e-mail at the conclusion of our scheduled pick-up. Our buyer’s premium is 10%. Credit card charges are: 3.5% A Handling fee of 4.5% may be added for Late pays


Shipping: We do NOT offer shipping.


Removal of Merchandise: Bidding customers will be responsible for the complete removal of all invoiced items they have purchased. Any items left at our various auction locations will be considered abandoned if not taken by the conclusion of our scheduled pick-up. Scheduled dates and times of scheduled pick up will be posted on our website and also posted on the invoice we will e-mail you at the conclusion of the auction.


No refunds or chargebacks are available for items not removed from the pick-up location on the date and scheduled time of pick-up.


DONATION POLICY: YOU MAY PAY FOR but opt to not pick-up and remove items on the day of the scheduled pick-up. This will NOT affect your BIDDING privileges or impair your access to our sales.


It is your responsibility to notify us of your intention to do this via phone, text or e-mail. BGR Auctions LLC reserves the right to relist, resell, remove or dispose of any or all items that you choose to forfeit.




CONTACT: 740-248-6246 or contact us by e-mail at regarding ALL BIDDING ERRORS.



Catalog Inaccuracies: You are bidding on the described items NOT the photos. Occasionally the wrong photo is displayed. Always read the item description. Photo colors vary per monitor/Smart device, therefore do not go by photo to determine color. Contact costumer service for any and all questions regarding item specifics.


Liability: The Auction Company’s and Seller’s liability shall be limited to the refund of bidders purchase price. Once the buyer has paid for their items for purchase without regard to method of payment the buyer assumes all risks and responsibilities for merchandise unless 1. forfeited/ abandoned 2. donated


Removal of purchased merchandise shall be at the liability, expense, and risk of the purchaser. BGR Auctions is not responsible for assisting in the disassembly or removal of merchandise and is not responsible for providing tools or equipment for this purpose. All purchases will be eligible for removal upon full payment of merchandise including 10% buyer’s premium and applicable taxes and fees.


BGR Auctions LLC shall not be held responsible for any error, inaccuracies, omissions of content or interruptions of service. Any interruption, suspension or pause in service beyond the reasonable control of BGR Auctions LLC, BGR shall not be held responsible.


BGR Auctions LLC cannot guarantee continuous service. BGR Auctions LLC shall not be held liable for interruptions of service, platform malfunctions, suspensions or cancellation of sales. BGR Auctions LLC may suspend, cancel, reschedule, void sales or resell merchandise due to platform or technological malfunction.


Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this contract and/or agreement, or breach thereof, shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association, and judgments upon the award rendered by the arbitrator(s) may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. Venue will be Franklin County Ohio.


BGR Auctions LLC is licensed by the Ohio Department of Agriculture and is bonded in favor of the State of Ohio. Chuck Stenger, Auctioneer, Licensed and Bonded in the State of Ohio.

 An aggrieved person may initiate a claim against the auction recovery fund created in Section 4707.25 of the Revised Code as a result of the licensee’s actions.

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